Calibre One Listed as One of the Fastest Growing in “Hunt Scanlon Top 50 U.S. Recruiting Firms”

(NEWS RELEASE) – May 1, 2015 – Calibre One Listed as One of the Fastest Growing in “Hunt Scanlon Top 50 U.S. Recruiting Firms” 

Anyone taking the pulse of the headhunting industry today should look no further than the boutique bracket that make up this year’s “Hunt Scanlon Top 50 U.S./Americas Search Firm” rankings. A surge in growth among these players seems to support the notion that the senior talent industry’s sweet spot can be found in the middle of the pack. That isn’t to say the largest integrated talent solutions providers aren’t holding their own – and then some. Among the 10 largest U.S./Americas search firms, seven reported double digit growth rates in 2014. Together, the Top 10 surged ahead 11 percent, collecting $2.230 billion in fees. By any measure it was a banner year for the top-ranked U.S. recruitment providers. And the coming decade could be its brightest. But a look beyond the Top 10 reveals an even more competitive landscape. Midsized recruiting boutiques are up big – as a group they are growing at four to five times the rate of the Top 10. “We see this as a direct result of companies bringing their talent identification business in-house,” said Scott Scanlon, founding chairman of Hunt Scanlon Media and editor-in-charge of this year’s report. Mr. Scanlon says that clients are focusing on two things at the moment: efficiency and specialized search support. “Boutique players provide both,” he says.

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