What Clients Say About Us

“We had Calibre One conduct a Chairperson search for us at 6 Degrees Health. It was a narrow spec for the ideal executive. The team moved swiftly, understood the requirements while highly communicative and knowledgeable during the update calls. We brought on our bullseye executive in record time and the process was flawless.”
“Lysanda engaged Calibre One to search for a VP of Engineering to lead Lysanda’s highly sophisticated and experienced telematics delivery teams. The candidate needed extensive experience of automotive grade hardware, embedded software and hosted services combined with a deep understanding of the challenges and expectations of servicing and supporting multi – national clients ranging from automotive manufactures to insurance companies. With a very demanding executive team at Lysanda, Calibre One truly had to SEARCH for the ideal candidate. The Calibre One team did an outstanding job in finding our ideal candidate at a Tier 1 manufacturer in Germany. I would recommend the Calibre One team without reservation to any company that demands the highest standards of commitment and diligence in finding the ideal candidate!”
“To find the GM for our Next Generation Messaging business, we requested that Calibre One focus on European Candidates in the mobile applications space – a very small pool. Calibre One correctly persuaded us to look globally and we found our perfect candidate – a European, living in Texas who has a life time of experience working for US-based companies in mobile.”
“We retained Calibre One to find our CTO. They worked very closely with me and my leadership team to understand exactly the skillset and characteristics we were looking for. They did an excellent job in helping develop our brief, identifying a very relevant set of candidates as well as presenting Relayware to those candidates. The result of this was an extremely high quality shortlist. Once we chose our candidate who had a long notice period, they were hugely helpful in ensuring that our new CTO and I were in regular contact to develop our relationship before the start date. Calibre One was a pleasure to work with. The relationship we built up means that I will undoubtedly consider them when we are searching for future candidates.”
“Calibre One recently helped us find a brilliant technology leader for SoundCloud. We were impressed by the level of candidates that they brought into the process from all over the world. We were able to identify a top candidate with excellent skill and cultural fit for the business, who relocated from New York to Berlin in a short period of time thanks to Calibre One’s solid process and speedy execution. We would hire them again in a heartbeat.”
“We would like express our sincere thank you to Calibre One for the outstanding experience we had at Dealer.com during the SVP, Sales executive search. You not only sent the most qualified candidates we have seen at the C-Suite level, but your follow through, professional and pleasant demeanor and overall process exceeded our expectations. We will certainly work with you with any future executive searches.”
“Calibre One was a pleasure to work with when we were looking for the head of our e-commerce business for the Americas. This was a critical position for the Birkenstock Organization. They worked closely with me and added great value from the very beginning of the process to the very end of the process. Their efficiency, effectiveness and thoroughness resulted in us getting an amazing executive for our position. They will be at the top of my list in the future if we have a need to fill a C-level position again.”
“We retained Calibre One to fill our recent VP Engineering at a critical stage in the business. My bar was incredibly high. We got very close with a few candidates which could have made another search firm get discouraged and quit. Fighting through adversity, Calibre One continued to submit stellar candidates. They were relentless in the pursuit of excellence and their tenacity is to be admired. I enjoyed working with them and recommend them without hesitation.”
“The Calibre One team has strong domain expertise and great access to candidates. They are current and efficient and have a very high close rate. They are also great to work with. “
“We retained Calibre One to help us find a Chief Revenue Officer.   This was a critical role for us to fill and one which required a candidate with a very rare combination of skills and experience.  The team at Calibre One did an incredible job –  from helping with the role description to sourcing the right candidates to helping close the deal.   Their advice and support throughout the process were invaluable.   We were able to hire an exceptional candidate who will be a tremendous asset to the company.   We could not have gotten to this outcome without Calibre One, and I would hire them again in a heartbeat.”  
“We have worked with Calibre One a couple of times and this last time was the best retained recruiting process and outcome I have had in years. They are exceedingly disciplined, process-oriented and effective – they set up a plan, a group of target candidates and their team aggressively and effectively worked the agreed list and surfaced very strong candidates. Even with finalists in queue, C1 was still working to bring in additional candidates.”  
“I appreciate how Calibre One took the time up front to understand who we are, what we are doing, and who we needed. I was pleased with how quickly they were able to turn our discussions into a search document that distilled our culture and requirements into information that you could act upon. They evidently left very few stones unturned while looking for potential candidates, and I was pleased to be able to see in the Research Report who they had spoken to and the results of those conversations. Ultimately they produced an excellent short list of highly qualified candidates, all of whom could have played a valuable role in helping us to accelerate our sales and build this business into a dominant organization.”
“Calibre One has successfully placed two positions at TRC Healthcare – a CTO and VP of Product Management.  They work exceptionally hard; and, with an intelligent process, to understand the company, industry, and very importantly the leadership and corporate culture.  Our searches are challenging due to our geographic location and they have excellent experience in overcoming this challenge as well.  Their team is responsive, provides weekly updates on progress and thoroughly matches candidates to the key requirements of the position.  A great team, approach and energy with the experience and network to generate results.  You won’t be disappointed.”
“Calibre One assisted our organization with a very difficult and unique executive role search. They moved quickly to understand our requirements and began sourcing immediately. We conducted weekly meetings to ensure our search moved quickly and at each meeting they were prepared to discuss new candidates and their qualities. Candidates were qualified and most importantly were a culture fit. We interviewed less than 10 candidates and quickly identified a candidate. From start to finish the search was completed in less than 90 days for an extremely specialized and difficult search. “
“Calibre One worked tirelessly with our team in helping us land a great hire for our BD executive role. They understood our needs from a skill / culture fit perspective very well and ran a tight process. I’d easily work with them again.”
“Calibre One guided and stayed with us through a complicated Partner search that culminated in an excellent outcome. Calibre One was exceptionally engaged, educational, responsive and fluid as we explored a few different paths before identifying our answer. They knew the candidate pool, industry dynamics and challenges we may encounter. We have conducted a high number of executive searches with different teams/firms, and this was one of our best experiences and outcomes!”
“I’ve been lucky enough to be a client of Calibre One on both sides of the service. I found them to be very helpful in finding the company that best fit me, as well as placing senior talent for me at that same company. I’ve met very few organisations with a greater attention to detail or professionalism. In fact, during one Search for Grapeshot – where I was placed by C1 as CTO – we were acquired by Oracle. Calibre One were able to adapt to the change in circumstances, and still closed the preferred candidate. Impressive.”
“I entered the search skeptical of recruiters but Calibre One really over-delivered. We were in a tough market for the search but they were able to find an exceptional candidate who has been a great hire and contributor in his first year. I highly recommend Calibre One and am actually using them again for another search. “
“Calibre One led the successful search for our Chief Human Resources Officer. They took the time to understand our company and our culture. This upfront investment resulted in a process that was smooth and efficient. They were consultative and added value thorough the search. I would definitely work with C1 again.”
“I have used Calibre One on a large number of searches over the last few years and have been consistently pleased with the results. They bring high levels of knowledge, intelligence and hustle to every project and have proven able to recruit the kind of top notch CEOs that any VC hopes to find for their portfolio companies. I recommend them wholeheartedly.”
“I hired Calibre One for a critical CEO hire for one of our portfolio companies. The Board set a very high bar and they exceeded expectations. They brought a sense of urgency, passion, strategic insight and added tremendous value during the search. Calibre One was relentless in finding a star and meticulous in the process. We look forward to continuing the partnership with Calibre One to represent key executive search assignments for the Emergence portfolio in the future.”
“Building GetYourGuide, we have worked with numerous executive search firms. The quality that CalibreOne consistently delivers is mind-blowing and far above anyone else. Their integrity, skill and collaborative approach make them a truly unique partner. We’ll be working with CalibreOne for the years to come.”
“The team at Calibre One made three critical executive hires including Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Technology Officer and SVP, Operations for ClearDATA. The team was a pleasure to work with during the entire process. They were on top of every detail, were relentless in their pursuit of the very best candidates in the market, provided open and honest feedback during each search and were top ambassadors for our company. In return, we were able to hire these top executives who are making a huge impact at ClearDATA. I would recommend them without hesitation.”
“We loved working with the Calibre One team at FiftyThree! They took the time to deeply understand our company culture, hiring needs and impossible wants in order to find us excellent candidates. Their advice, insights and support throughout the hiring process were also very thoughtful and on point. Calibre One team members earn the titles of “Zen Masters” of all things recruiting. I highly recommend them and hope to work with them again.”
“We felt like we made the right decision from the moment we selected Calibre One to help us find out next CIO. They didn’t waste a moment in understanding our needs, our culture and our working style and worked closely with both myself and my HR leadership. They have a super network and so great candidates came in right away and more importantly, they sought feedback about each candidate so they could refine their search. We felt well taken care of the entire time and we were able to pretty well predict when we would conclude the search. Originally, I didn’t see much value when they presented me the idea of their self-service portal where I could see all the behind the scenes work on the search, but I was proven to be wrong as this tool is another reason they separate from the pack.”
“I have been on both sides of Calibre One’s work as an executive search firm. First, when they recruited me as President & CEO of PivotLink; and second, when I hired Calibre One to recruit our new Chief Revenue Officer. I have worked with many recruiters over my 30 years in the business, and I can say with confidence and experience that the team at Calibre One is one of the best. As a candidate, their team was always easy to work with, there when I needed them, and otherwise never pushy. As a client, their team quickly and expertly described our position, built a database of near perfect candidates, got several to the table right away through their ability to market the position extremely well, and then worked with me to create a short list of candidates and finally land our number one choice. Flawless execution and a real joy to work with – I will definitely use Calibre One again and recommend them highly!”
“We emphasize working with professionals who are not afraid to voice their opinions, and we seek good guidance from people who have seen it and know how to do it right. This was a key hire for our company; we had very high standards not knowing if Calibre One would find candidates who reach the bar, but the team managed to do it. We enjoyed the process and the result.”
“It was a quick, clean, and clear process from the candidate viewpoint. The Calibre team was very helpful and clear on the process and expectations. I went from ‘would you be interested?’ to ‘the offer is ready’ in about 45 days.”
“Calibre One was a highly committed partner to The Minerva Project in placing a number of our senior executives. Their team was dedicated to finding the perfect candidate from our narrow set of search parameters within the education & tech landscape. We had a significant list of qualifications and were very impressed with the quality of candidates they introduced as shortlist. The firm embraced our mission and did an excellent job representing us to the market, candidates and partners alike.”
“Knowmadic struggled with hiring the right VP Marketing for several months. We tried to recruit from our network as well from the network of our investors. Finally, we asked Calibre One to do the search for Knowmadic. The firm presented us with a fantastic short list of four great candidates to choose from. It was a very efficient process. I would highly recommend the firm for any ‘C’ or VP level search that you may have in mind.”
“We engaged Calibre One for a CEO search at one of our portfolio companies in an off-the-beaten path location. They did a terrific job of sourcing and persuading high-quality candidates to review the opportunity. We successfully landed a seasoned executive and had a great overall experience. We will definitely use them again when a need arises.”
“I have retained Calibre One on several key executive searches for several of my portfolio companies. They are on 24/7, working tenaciously and involving all key stakeholders to make every search successful. I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of the executives they always identify, for their ability to close them, always making sure that they add long-term value to the portfolio company. They has my highest endorsement and look forward to working with Calibre One in future opportunities.”
“What I thought was going to be an impossible task turned into a reality. I was amazed at the number of qualified, well vetted executive candidates that Calibre One produced in a very short period of time. The process was efficient, well managed and I was always well informed. Next time I need a hire that is within C1’s expertise, they will be the one I turn to.”
CalibreOne recruited me as CEO of UltraSoC, so I had experience from that perspective and it was a natural choice to choose them to recruit our next Exec level hire: a Chief Strategy Officer. They did a remarkable job of helping us define exactly what we were looking for, identifying a number of excellent candidates and closing the preferred one. I was truly impressed by their creativity, understanding of our needs, integrity and wise counsel.
“I have had the pleasure of working with the Calibre One team on multiple searches. They are very effective at both sourcing a broad set of candidates and finding the right fit for the needs of different companies. In addition, the team is highly professional and working with them is a pleasure. We look forward to working with the Calibre One team on future searches.”
“I have been working with Calibre One for years as my go-to recruiter for critical roles. They have been a great partner, because they understand our business, and have insights into our needs. This is a valuable quality when finding candidates that will have a lasting impact on our organization. Calibre One is able to represent and sell our company as well, creating a desire from the candidate side to join us as well. Most recently, they helped us hire a new SVP Sales, CFO and CMO. Their impact on the organization was apparent from day one, and now, months later, the results are changing the way we do business. Calibre One is a trusted partner that helps fill critical roles, and will definitely work with them in the future.”
“The Calibre One team has been a go-to trusted resource in filling a couple of critical executive searches for me and Five9. Their straight-forward, no-nonsense, extremely intensive research-driven approach is highly welcomed. They are tenacious and resourceful in ensuring successful outcomes and are solid citizens as well. Calibre One has my highest endorsement.”
“The Calibre One team helped us with our search for VP Engineering. I have been very happy with the process and very pleased with the result. They delivered what they promised on timing, process and most importantly quality, at every step. They received feedback very well in the process, never missed a weekly call, and saved my time by asking for only relevant and promising interview meetings. They had the right recommendation at the end, and helped us throughout the hiring process all the way until we got our A+ VP Eng start at Bina.”
“Calibre One came highly recommended and they didn’t disappoint. They did an excellent job identifying top candidates and also convincing those top candidates of why they should be willing to leave great jobs to join our company. The team went above and beyond from an effort perspective. We had very specific attributes we were looking for in a Chief Customer Officer and Calibre One did an excellent job helping us find someone that met our very specific needs.”
“The Calibre One team were relentless in their pursuit of a candidate of excellence and persistent in keeping our VP Marketing search on track. They never lost focus when we got close with an initial candidate and kept the bar high. They were never pushy but highly insightful on candidate strengths and potential blind spots in which to be mindful. We are pleased with the result our impact VP Marketing is making on the business and look forward to working with the team again on the next core executive hire for Helium.”      
“I hired Calibre One to fill a critical VP role for our Company. They admitted they were novices in the world of biosensors, but proved they were more than up for the challenge, while soon becoming PhD’s in our industry! I was most impressed by their candor, sourcing creativity, adaptability and never give up attitude. I am incredibly pleased with the result, grateful for the superb work you have done for Slive and already look forward to working with you again.”
“We retained Calibre One to help us in our search for an experienced Chairman to support one of our portfolio companies, Metrasens, in its next phase of growth. They did an excellent job of rapidly compiling a shortlist of talented candidates, and was able to react to our feedback as our views on the perfect candidate evolved. Their team acted as a trusted advisor to us and Metrasens, and helped us find a top quality individual who has turned out to be a great fit for the role. They led a structured, and well organized process which enabled them to complete the assignment in good time.”
“For the new phase of our development at Enablon, I needed to hire efficient World-class executives into a number of key roles who would match the personality and culture of a global SaaS company with a unique positioning and mission of “enabling the Sustainable company”. Calibre One  identified an amazing  slate of candidates – for roles based in EMEA and the US – with the expected  skills and culture-fit, and we have been able to move on, at pace, with the right team of VPs in place.”
“Having been recruited into LexisNexis by CalibreOne, I had no hesitation in using them to hire two senior leaders for my team. CalibreOne showed incredible integrity throughout the process and ensured that we had the best candidates for the roles. I would happily use them again and have advised others in my network to use them to fill mission critical positions. In a highly competitive market, getting the right match and then handling candidates in such a professional manner makes a real difference.”
“I am generally sceptical of the value of head-hunters; however, two recent events changed my mind. Firstly, the hiring of a Cambridge based CEO in the deep-tech space and secondly the CFO of a globally expanding cyber security business. I sit on the board of both of these companies, and on each occasion I was very involved in the hiring process. Calibre One have, in both cases, exceeded my expectations in terms of scoping the candidate list and in the hiring execution.  I would strongly recommend them, when getting the very best person is fundamental to your business”.
“Many thanks for your help in recruiting our VP Operations. Calibre One worked hard, listened to us closely, and provided excellent levels of feedback and analysis. Michael has made a huge difference to our business and we are reaching new performance records every month”
“Calibre One has conducted several executive level searches for my company. Their team’s attention to detail, process and follow through have made each search easy, timely and successful. A top flight team with a terrific results orientation suited to your search needs and company culture, and a pleasure to work with throughout the process.”
“I would like to commend the Calibre One team for an excellent job on a recent executive search (VP Sales) they conducted for Calabrio. As a member of the Company’s Board of Directors, I was very impressed with their thoughtfulness, insight, ability to source a vibrant candidate pool, and ultimately their skill at closing the deal. I look forward to working with the Calibre One team again.”
“Calibre One was able to fill a critical senior (Vice President & GM) position with the absolutely best candidate imaginable and helped to sell the candidate on the opportunity despite other offers. I don’t think we would have been successful without their expertise and closing ability. Would definitely work with them again.”
We engaged Calibre One to find a new CEO for WaveOptics, a pioneer UK technology company in the emerging market of Augmented Reality. The brief was complex, requiring a candidate with a distinct set of skills and experience, necessitating a global search with a tight time frame. The CalibreOne team rose to the challenge and delivered an excellent list of candidates and worked diligently to land our preferred candidate. They did it with professionalism, style and a sense of humor that made them a pleasure to work with.
We’ve conducted 3 different executive searches with CalibreOne and they’ve been great experiences across the board. They did a very good job of getting to know us as a company, understanding our culture and diving deep into our requirements for the role, then putting forth candidates that are a good match. More importantly, they did a very good job listening to what worked and didn’t about each candidate to further refine how they match additional candidates. The results are us ending up with fantastic hires that are incredibly well-suited to our company and our team. I would definitely recommend using CalibreOne, particularly for executive searches in business leadership roles (marketing, sales, HR, etc.). You’ll find the team great to work with, responsive, and top notch at what they do.
“Our experience with Calibre One was fantastic. The quality of the candidates, the reporting, the summaries, the scheduling, and the personalities of the team constantly left us feeling that ‘Wow, we’re working with the best here’.”
“We worked with Calibre One to fill one of the most critical positions in our company. As a startup in a new category for Silicon Valley (industrial internet) our search was especially demanding, and together they brought to the work astute instincts for building companies, a genuine curiosity and focus on our needs, continuous intensity and rigor, and gracious, thoughtful counsel throughout. Before signing on with Calibre One, we checked references carefully. We heard things like “best recruiters I’ve ever worked with,” and “can’t go wrong” and I see why. They calmly and confidently delivered the mail on a tough assignment. They’ve become true, trusted partners to our company and we could not be more pleased with this relationship. We look forward to working with them again soon.”
“The search was conducted efficiently in a highly professional manner from beginning to end. It was a smooth process managed by an experienced team, and they were able to capture our thoughts to better define the range of profiles we were looking for. The team’s focused efforts, different points of view, and invaluable advice were instrumental in achieving profound results in a quick timeline.”
“Calibre One simultaneously handled two critical searches for us – a CMO and a GM of Innovation/Next Product Line. We have used many search firms before but the Calibre One team was head and shoulders above our previous experiences. What set them apart was their understanding of both the job requirements and the culture/team candidates would have to mesh with and the caliber of candidates that we saw. We got to choose vs. feel that only one of the candidates seen was even close to what we wanted. I would use them again in a minute. It took some time to find the right people but the two who joined have been phenomenal additions to our team. Within a few weeks, it seemed like they had been here for months.”
“Calibre One has been an amazing resource for me both in my current role at SOASTA, as Chief Strategy Officer, and my prior role as a Venture Partner at Sierra Ventures. The team at Calibre One differentiates by first getting a deep understanding of our business, and the context of the issues we are facing. I’ve hired Calibre One perhaps a half dozen times, and in each case they present candidates that both compliment and even extend the objectives I put forth. Calibre One sets the bar as an intellectual and comprehensive executive search firm – I highly recommend!”
“We retained Calibre One to recruit a VP Worldwide Sales. We were very impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and meticulous approach to the search. They are highly personable, sophisticated and really felt like members of the Nuvation team. Calibre One provided an excellent slate of candidates and we would definitely retain them again. I would recommend them for your hard to fill executive searches.”
“We hired Calibre One for an incredibly important C-level position at HomeLight. Given that we were a small company with a limited budget, a retained search was a big bet for us, and our expectations were consequently high. Calibre One delivered. They produced several high-quality candidates who were not actively looking. When a couple near-misses extended the search longer than we had initially thought, they stuck with us, and their tenacity resulted in a great outcome.”
“Calibre One had been recommended to me by a close business friend, and we have just concluded our first very successful assignment. What sets Calibre One apart is their rigorous process and their approach to hold the hiring organization as accountable as the new recruits. I would absolutely work with them again.”
“We retained CalibreOne for our CFO search. The combination of our unique needs – driven by multifaceted growth plans, plus a major technical change to GAAP – required a very broad specification. The team came through with what the board hoped for: a hard decision between very solid candidates.”
“Calibre One helped me hire Rev’s Chief Revenue Officer and VP People. They were the perfect partner through the process. The team found dozens of qualified candidates, coached us through the interview process, challenged us to make sure we evaluated candidates from every angle, and pushed us to make the right choices for the company. I’m delighted with the outcomes and have Calibre One to thank. The team found world-class candidates I never would have met on my own. So not only did we hire great leaders, but Calibre One stretched my definition of what a good leader looks like and pushed me to raise the bar for critical hires. Strongly recommend.”
“We have used Calibre One for a number of key leadership hires, both in Europe and the US. We have always found them to be structured, organized and diligent. They have a very strong network enabling them to cut through the noise and engage highly selective prospects. They have a good understanding of our market and have proven, time and again, to be able to execute against some very demanding briefs. We view the team at Calibre One as valuable partners to Performance Horizon and we will continue to work closely with them as we scale.”
“Loved working with Calibre One. They truly understood not only what skillset but also what cultural profile we were looking for, and we could fully trust them on that. We have hired multiple senior leaders through Calibre One – not only for GetYourGuide, but also for a company I sit on the board of – and I look forward to my next collaboration with them.”
“Calibre One recently lead a CEO search for a new start FinTech business for us. The CalibreOne team were great; both very hard working and enjoyable. In a tough environment they brought us a list of candidates that were all qualified and perfect fits. They gave us the kind of tough decision that you like to have.”
“Calibre One had a huge impact on the composition of our senior staff (at VMware) and hired many of our best & long-serving executives, across many different functions including Engineering, Sales, Product Management & Marketing, as well as Business Development.”
“I used Calibre One for a tricky, but critical search.  It started as COO search and they produced a series of very strong candidates.  As the size of the company’s opportunity became ever more evident, the board decided to pivot the search to a CEO search.  Calibre One gracefully and swiftly changed course and within weeks we had an absolutely first class CEO in place.  I would endorse Calibre One unreservedly and intend to work with them, whenever we need a peerless result.”
“Calibre One has made matches of the highest quality for me as both a prospective recruit and as an employer. Their team is relentless in finding the right person for a critical position. They are then incredibly supportive with both parties to make sure the process is successful through and well beyond the hire stage. They are now my partner in building a world class organization.”
“Calibre One is among one of the best executive search firms whom I have had the pleasure of working with. They successfully held both the interest of Prysm and that of the candidates in their mind at all times. The result was the right candidate for the right job. The team is extremely professional and passionate about their work. They always strive to serve their clients in the most effective manner possible. They are conscientious about their work, hardworking and many times I had discussions with them at night or on weekends. Each time, they handled the conversation in a patient manner with a full discussion of the topic. I heartily recommend Calibre One!”
“Calibre One has been an outstanding business partner for RealNetworks. They are hard driving, passionate, lucid, and results-oriented. Moreover, the team members are great to work with and outstanding external representatives for our company. I recommend them highly and without hesitation.”
“We employed Calibre one to help us find a new CRO. We are very fussy as a company so it was a hard mandate to deliver. Calibre One genuinely acted as a partner to me and Brandwatch throughout the process. WE had extremely productive regular calls and their advice and instincts were almost always spot on. The team works hard, stays focused on the objectives and navigates the difficult balance between working for the client but also being on the side of the candidate. I think both Brandwatch and the candidates would say that Calibre One was working for them – and that’s just fantastic. We would hire Calibre One again, in fact we just have!”

Our Track Record Speaks For Itself