Aaron Batalion Joins Lightspeed Venture Partners

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Blog Post – November 12, 2015 – Aaron Batalion, LivingSocial co-founder and former chief technology officer, joined Lightspeed Venture Partners as a partner Thursday.

Batalion will focus on consumer investments for the firm. Lightspeed was an investor in LivingSocial, which was one of the first Silicon Valley tech companies to raise $1 billion. Lightspeed partner Jeremy Liew is currently a board member of LivingSocial.

“Happily for Lightspeed, the time that we had spent together over the last few years, and the way that Lightspeed has remained a supportive and involved investor in LivingSocial, in good times and bad, gave him a real comfort that he would find a cultural fit with our team,” Liew wrote in a Blog Post .

Batalion left LivingSocial in 2013 and has invested personally in startups like HONK, Walker & Company Brands and Shyp.

“I’ve had the good fortune to know Jeremy Liew for many years, both personally and in the board room,” Batalion wrote on Medium. “Their team has been fortunate to back some incredible technology companies and are committed to working closely with founders. My experience in technology, customer growth, scaling teams, and international expansion will make me valuable to the founders I back.”

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